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India's first prepaid card for teenagers, managed by parents

A secure account for your child, with no link to your bank account

Make your child financially responsible through practical experiences

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Introducing FamPay, in 80 seconds

Created for the modern Indian parent

  • No more sharing your OTPs
  • No more lending your cards/payment apps
  • No more hunting for cash

Features that parents love

No bank account required

A prepaid account for teens,
loaded by parents

Manage transactions

By controlling payment limits
and tracking your child's spends

No minimum balance

Set up an account with
no obligations

No hidden fees

An account with absolutely
free service

Financial literacy for kids

Through practical experience
and in-app gamified challenges

Unmatched security

Numberless card

No chance of misuse
when lost/stolen

The safest transactions

With device lock protection
for card details & payments

Block/pause the card

With just a tap,
whenever you want

Get started in just 3 steps!

Step 1

Download the FamPay app and complete your KYC

Step 2

Invite your kids and get them to do their KYC

Step 3

Start sending money to your kids digitally with ease

We are loved by 50,000+ parents

In love with FamPay!

Honestly, FamPay made my life soo much easier. There's no tension of carrying cash or worrying about the money getting lost. Also, how can I forget the FamCard!! I received mine today and I'm already in love! Can't wait to use it.

Suhani Palaria
20th Aug 2020

Kick-start your child's financial literacy journey.
Download the FamPay app and invite your kids today!

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